Cycling Hints:

  • Keep drinking water
  • Eat well
  • Ride with friends
  • The hills are your friend
  • Stay safe, watch the weather

Did you know?

Bike Facts, The are nearly a billion bicyles in the world. That's almost twice the number of cars. China alone has about 400 million bikes.   The first bicycle type invention didn't even have pedals. Those came later. Check out the link above to learn more.

Project Links

Team Biscari Brothers

Time again to train for the MS Bide Tour. This year is special to me for a number of reasons. This years ride is September 25 so I will be the big 50. This will also be my 15th MS Bike Tour in a row (not including the 2 MS 150's I rode in Dallas in 05 and 06). So to celebrate this years ride, The Biscari Brothers, Dave and Bob, have formed a new team and made me captain. I have put together a website for this occasion to let team members see who's who and to let people know why we ride. As administrator of this site, I am able to log in and add, edit or delete individual, or change their status from not being a rider to riding.

Biscari Brothers Bicycles

This is a work in progress. From start to finish, the design, images, and video have been created here. The video of the road and mountain bikes was taken by my wife of me. I then used iMovie to add copy at the appropriate spot. From there, I used Photoshop to create several images for the road bike and mountain bike pages. Next, Flash was used to create the final video for each page. C# coding was used to switch between the home page image and the videos on various pages. The database was created in SQL Server and ASP.NET was used to bind the database to grid and form views.

Trikes to Bikes

The first project I created with multiple pages and security logins was Widgets and Gadgets. My page is called Trikes to Bikes in staying with my cycling hobby. The pages that are managed by the administrator are not visible to other users. Once logged in, the manage products and manage categories links become visible. The header image was created using the original header structure and size and then adding the images in Adobe Photoshop. The gridview was colorized to remain in the simple style of the layout. Click on the image to see my Trikes to Bikes Page.

Schedule Administration Tool

The next project I created with multiple pages and security logins was S.A.T. This page gave me the opportunity to see new css coding and how to manipulate the code to get desired effects. While adding the create login and login links, I was forced to move the links using a z-align to raise the copy forward. Pryor to doing that step, the links were visible but not accessible. Click the image below to see my S.A.T. project.

Job Tracker

My job tracker project entailed the most work. From creating a database, to creating pages for companies, contacts, job postings and communications, and then deploying all files to my domain, this project was a culmination of the previous two projects. I was able to create links between 2 gridviews on different pages and view the companies web page from a link within the details view. It was also during this project, that I was able to make my "contact me" link work from my home page to allow anybody to send me an email from my site. Very cool stuff.

Magic 8 Ball

Just a little project to keep my hand in the action. I used much of the magic eight ball from week two of C# training and incorporated it into a new projects page. I created the background and 8-ball image in Photoshop. The background was created as a one inch square and repeated throughout the background. The 8-ball was saved as a .gif to allow for a transparent background. The code behind has an array of 20 different answers that are chosen at random and placed into a label.